Rei “M E D Ē I O” Misiri is a Toronto based calligraphy artist born in Tirana, Albania. Initially inspired by his travels when competing internationally as a street dancer, Medēio further pushed the boundaries of, “making the letters dance” by uniting different elements from ancient and modern lettering styles around the world. Unlike conventional calligraphy, which focusses on the language of words, Medeio’s approach to his craft solely focusses on the sublime language of movement, rhythm, emotion, and synergy, which words may not express. His elaborate designs and portraits begin with a general intention and direction, however, improvisation is what allows his hands to capture the purities of emotion.

As a visionary, Medēio sees art as a catalyst for global connection and cultural exchange. Over the past ten years, he has partnered with brands including Bloomingdale's New York, McLaren, Versace Mansion, and Bombay Saphire Gin. Medēio’s solo and group exhibitions include New York, Miami, Zurich, Barcelona, and Los Angeles. 

selected exhibitions

SWISSARTEXPO - Artbox Projects - Zurich, Switserland
Art Basel - Hotspot Gallery - Miami, USA
Artbox Projects - Art Metropole - Barcelona, Spain
Victory Lap - South Central Gallery - Los Angeles, USA
Birth of Venus - Graduate Gallery - Toronto, Canada
Mix Masters - Bloomingdales - New York, USA
Art Basel - Scope Gallery - Miami, USA
Encryption - Joseph D Carrier Gallery - Toronto, Canada
Experiencing Perspectives - Mercedes Benz Financial - Toronto
Now Is The Time - Art Gallery of Ontario - Toronto, Canada
Nouit Blanche - Toronto Collective - Toronto, Canada

Clients & Partnerships